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You feel heavy and lifeless?

You want to look fit and delete depression as well?

Our cure is a new technique that treats your body AND your mind.

Because when your body is sick, your mind too. And vice versa.

It's time to focus on yourself.

You don't just need fitness. You need a full reboot.

You don't need a coach OR a therapist. You need both.

That's why this cure was made.

Less stress.

Less social media.

Less toxic people.

I needed a cure.

Thousands of people use Connan Cure to feel better all year long.

A combination of nutrition, psychotherapy, and personal development.

The result of multiple talents and skills for a full wellness reboot.

Are you happy with your life? Probably not.

Are you surrounded by negative or toxic people? Probably.

You think there's nothing to do? No! Our cure changed the lives of thousands before you. Even celebrities.

Reboot yourself entirely. From your phone or computer.

Get access to world-class video training in all fitness and therapy disciplines.

Dance, Core, Meditation, Yoga, Psychotherapy… all in one subscription.

Adopt new routines to delete stress from your life. All in one subscription.

Get access to a life-changing experience and discover new de-stressing habits to feel better all year long. For your mind and your body.

Too much work.

Too much food.

Too much pressure.

I needed a cure.

Is it a miracle method? No. It's a scientific approach.

Connan Cure combines the best wellness techniques.

Connan Cure gives you the best of nutrition, wellness and therapy.

Backed by science.

What's in the online program?

A progressive video training. To reboot at your own pace.

Special classes for weight loss and nutrition goals.

Special classes for self-growth (breakup, burnout, depression...)

Discover healthy eating habits to get in shape smoothly

Get access to virtual cooking classes to eat not necessarily less, but better. Achieve your weight loss goals and adopt healthy eating habits.

Learn simple relaxation exercises

Connan Cure is not just about getting in shape and eating healthier. It’s about rebooting yourself to focus on the essentials.

I was suffering in relationships.

I was emotionally dependent.

I was a bit depressed.

I needed a cure.

It's time to declutter your life.

The pandemic has one advantage: it makes us focus on what’s really important.

Less stress. Less toxic people. Less food. Start your online cure.

Connan Cure is a global method which includes virtual cooking and nutrition classes. 

Connan Cure includes personal development training to improve yourself and get rid of toxic people.

Declutter your life to get rid of what’s not essential. Focus on yourself and not others. Become a minimalist.

Focus on yourself.

Get access to an immersive experience to get rid of negative thoughts, feelings and people. 

Explore an exciting healthy world at your own pace, from your phone or computer.


30+ hours of video content in all aspects: fitness, nutrition, weight loss, minimalism, personal development, psychotherapy… New content every week.

$29/month. Cancel anytime.

Connan Cure is made for all people willing to feel better and declutter their lives. Whether you want to get in shape, lose weight, get rid of toxic people, or learn de-stressing habits, this program is for you.

For both! Unlike all other programs you can find on the web, Connan Cure is a global wellness experience to reboot yourself entirely. Your mental health is as important as your physical health.

Of course! If you need any further info, you can send us a message here

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